Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Why Spurs pursue of David Beckham will not help them in there road to glory

The constant football headlines linking David Beckham with Spurs is becoming a little frustrating. The Tottenham team is a team built on tenacity, pace, and flair. I’m sorry. David Beckham doesn’t have those abilities! He didn’t have them when he was 23 nor does he have them now at the tender age of 35. Spurs this season have been incredibly fluid in their style of play. This has been due to the great management skills of Harry Redknapp. He has effectively utilised the likes of Gareth Bale, Rafeal Van der Vaart and Luka Modric. However, Beckham wouldn’t instil any fluidity in Tottenham’s play. Beckham who has clearly passed his peak has not got the physical or technical skills to keep up with the premier league standard let alone the tenacious spurs side.

Many football commentators argue Beckham would be an ‘impact substitute.’ I couldn’t disagree anymore. Beckham isn’t the type of player who can pop up with a goal from nowhere. Nor is he a player who can skin one or two players. If anything Beckham will be make a passive contribution from the bench. The only effective contribution he can make is through delivery in set pieces. Some would argue that is making an impact. Which is fair enough, but spurs already have outstandingly technically gifted players. The likes of Bale, Van der Vaart, Modric who can all distribute the ball effectively and have decent free kicks. Some believe Beckham may have a role to play in the centre of midfield. Logically, I can see this happening. Beckham hasn’t got the pace, but he can ping a ball around. But it’s clear that the likes of Modric and Huddlestone have the ability to muster effective short range and long range passes. Furthermore, one of the effective features of the spurs midfield is that they all are very competent at running with ball. However, David Beckham has never really had that ability, and at 35 I doubt he will have developed it.

Assistant coach Joe Jordan believes Beckham will give the side ‘experience.’ But do spurs really need to waste a good deal of cash for a short term loan, which includes covering parts of the players wages and a loan fee? Yes Beckham is a brilliant professional, on and off the pitch he represents the game brilliantly. But do Spurs an ambitious champions league side need this experience vitally? The answer is no. The squad of players have shown great professionalism and character in a number of performances this season. Take the result at the Emirates Stadium against Arsenal. Coming back from 2 down against a title challenger, at their own ground and not to mention your arch rivals shows great character from Tottenham. One thing great results do- whether you win or lose. Is the ability to give your team collectively and the individually experience. As they learn how to handle the intensity of certain matches and atmospheres.

Managers are always looking to improve their sides. Harry Redknapp has proved at Spurs he has done a brilliant job at improving the club. His acquisitions have generally have had a successful impact on the club’s strong progression. But the potential signing of David Beckham will not improve his side. The most frustrating aspect of this deal is that Spurs are working so hard to make this deal materialise even though it’s for a mere three months. If the club were looking to loan messi for three months fair enough. But Beckham? Come on. Lets get realistic.

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