Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Why Charlie Adam should see the season through with Blackpool then look to leave the Club

Blackpool have clearly been the surprise package in this season’s Premier League. They have been brilliant with their attacking and counter attacking style and have found themselves beating the likes of Liverpool, Sunderland and Stoke City, all away from home. However, Blackpool’s fantastic season has been arguably centred on the brilliance of their playmaker Charlie Adam. Its fair to say Charlie Adam has been integral in this Blackpool side. His dynamic range of passing gives Blackpool the ability to quickly turn defence into attack. And he has the ability to thread through balls into the final third of the pitch. So its not surprising that more established Premier League clubs are looking to acquire his services. The stats also prove Adam’s importance to the side as he is the joint top assister for Blackpool, with 4 assists.

Adam is the captain of Blackpool too. As captain he has a big responsibility at the club. It also shows how much he is looked up to at Bloomfield road. As Charlie Adam sets the standard for the other Blackpool players with his brilliant ability and work ethic. But the captain handed in his transfer request on Monday (24th Jan.) This request was rejected by Blackpool. As captain, Adam should see the great responsibility and importance he has at Blackpool. As captain he more than any other player should put the team before his own personal feelings or dreams. The whole point of being a captain is to pull the players in one direction and fighting for one goal. But if the captain isn’t committed to the cause in the long run surely this will create issues within the club. As some players may argue Adam wants to leave the club, so he doesn’t deserve to be captain.

Charlie Adam as the captain should also consider Blackpool’s defence of keeping him. As I’ve said previously in this piece, Blackpool are almost centred around Adam. Everything that’s good about Blackpool stems from him. If Adam were to leave the club in this window, it would leave the club on a lurch. As it’s already very hard to find players with quality in the January market especially with the inflated prices. And finding a replacement for someone who’s so creative for a relatively low price is incredibly difficult in January.

The captain should understand the lurch he will leave Blackpool on. This potential move in January could see Blackpool begin to fall down the table and begin to be part of the relegation battle. As there will be a massive void in Blackpool's midfield. Blackpool wont just lose his superb ability, they will also miss his leadership and the inspiration on the pitch.

Adam would leave Blackpool with far greater respect from his players, manager and Blackpool fans if he were to leave at the end of the season. As he would have seen his job through as captain and as an important player for the club. And more importantly he can help Blackpool stay in the Premier League. Leaving in January has the potential of ruining Blackpool’s fine progress in the Premier League. And maybe the fans and players will ruefully look on at Charlie Adam as his desire to leave stemmed Blackpool’s demise of relegation.

In the summer, Adam will have 12 months left on his contract. If the club want to get a decent amount of money for Adam, they will most defiantly sell him in the summer. So Charlie Adam should have no worries on weather Blackpool will be willing to sell at the end of the season. Blackpool will also have time to find a replacement and will be able to raise a tidy amount in the sale of Adam.

Adam argues, that opportunities like the interest of Liverpool may not come around again. But if Liverpool seriously respected the ability of Adam they would be willing to wait. Furthermore, it may suit Liverpool to wait till the end of the season, as they can pay a lower price than what Blackpool are asking for now. The other positive for Adam if he is sold in the summer, is that he will have far more options to choose from as the fee will have most likely have gone down due to him having 12 months left on his contract.

Most importantly, Adam should respect his position at Blackpool. He is the leader, the driving force of the team.. I’m not questioning his desire when he is on the pitch for Blackpool, but him leaving in January will leave Blackpool in an awkward position. They will lose their creativity and dynamic in midfield. Charlie Adam should do what the best captains do, give 100% in every game and then consider leaving in the summer. Then he will leave Blackpool with far more respect.

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