Friday, 28 January 2011

Torres set to Leave Liverpool

Fernando Torres submitted a written transfer request on Friday. But this request was rejected by the club. The club said "Fernando Torres tonight submitted a written transfer request, which has been rejected by Liverpool. Fernando is under a long-term contract and the Club expects him to honour the commitment he made to Liverpool FC and its supporters when he signed the agreement."

A very tidy and authoritative statement by Liverpool, its pleasing to see a club show the world that no player is bigger than the club. But the harsh reality for Liverpool fans is that Torres doesn't want to be at Anfield. He may lose all his respect from the fans for looking to leave now and especially to arch rivals Chelsea, rather than at the end of the season.

But if he does leave, which looks more and more evident as the hours go by, this is the goal I'll remember him by;

Liverpool fans should also be greatful the Luis Suarez deal is set to be completed. A fantastic creative forward is coming to Anfield.

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