Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mario Balotelli needs to shut up and do is talking on the pitch

Most people know Mario Balotelli as a player with great potential who talks too much. It seems Balotelli is a player who looks to cause controversy in every interview he gives. Even in his relatively short stay in England he has managed to disrespect a handful of his fellow professionals. I’m all up for a bit of mind games every now and then but to do it in every interview it’s just simply disrespectful.

His attack on Jack Wilshere was just childish. But to be honest, he obviously isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Maybe he genuinely doesn’t know who Jack Wilshere is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t, seeing his clear incompetence. Even Cristiano Ronaldo told super Mario to shut up and get on with his game on the pitch. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo, he may not be England’s favourite player, but I’m sure most of Europe agreed with his comments to Balotelli.

Balotelli reportedly has no friends at Eastlands, and he mopes around lonesome. I’m not surprised. With comments like ‘For this year, and another, I will stay at City.’ Then he wants to toddle off to Ac Milan. How do you expect to be liked at City by their players, staff and supporters if you’re expressing your desire to leave the club already? Absolute joke of a player. I hope Milan don’t even bother showing an interest to sign this selfish child. I wouldn’t sign a player who says, ‘Silvio Berlusconi said that Cassano is the best Italian talent - he's wrong or doesn't know Balotelli.’ Yes Mario, everyone knows you. They know you as that kid who talks out of his backside. Even Berlusconi will take caution when even considering to think about Mario Balotelli.

Jose Mourinho said Balotelli, ‘sometimes [he] does not know how to use his brain.’ That basically sums up Mario Balotelli’s footballing life. A footballer who clearly doesn’t know how to use his brain. It’s a shame, it’s not the world’s loss, it’s his loss.

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