Thursday, 20 January 2011

How Darren Bent’s move to AstonVilla is brilliant for Villa but a huge loss for Sunderland

Aston Villa have made a brilliant acquisition. Darren Bent is one of the most consistent strikers in the premier league. The 26 year old has scored 81 premier league goals in 6 years. A fantastic record which many premier league strikers couldn’t match. In fact only Rooney and Drogba have scored more in 6 years. Bent possess’ great pace, movement, and technique which makes allows him to be deadly in front of goal.

The move is great for Villa. It’s simply what they have been crying out for. A consistent finisher. Villa are blessed with creative options. The likes of Young, Downing, Agbonlahor, Albrighton, and Makoun are some of the brilliant players who can supply to Darren Bent. The acquisition of Makoun is prudent as he along with Petrov in the middle can add some creatively from the centre of midfield, while the likes of Downing and Young can cause trouble on the flanks and supply for Bent to finish. Aston Villa’s options are vast. This therefore allows them to be able to play different styles of football. The team can easily play a direct long ball style if needed as Bent has the pace to run off flick on’s and headers from Heskey. And if the team want to play a counter attacking style, Bent can be apart of that too. Along the frightening pace of Young, Downing and Agbonlahor who can facilitate this.

One teams victory is another teams defeat, and Sunderland are the losers in this deal. Yes, they have made £18 million, and could possibly make more. But they have lost a proven goal scorer. Last season Bent in his debut season for Sunderland scored 24 premier league goals, more than Tevez, and more than Defoe and Torres too. Sunderland will argue that they already have three good strikers in Welbeck, Campbell and Gyan. This is very true. But firstly, Welbeck is on loan from Manchester United. His impressive form will have alerted Sir Alex Ferguson. Who’s probably thinking this kid most defiantly has a bright future for Man United. Or if United do look to sell Welbeck, other clubs will be interested too. This will lead to United to most likely raise the asking price for the player. While Gyan has shown some consistency, scoring in important games such as Chelsea away and against Newcastle. Its important to consider, it’s his first season in English football. So it’s hard to tell weather he will be a consistent premier league performer. But Sunderland have clearly taken a risk here, because Gyan in the second half of the season could lose his goal scoring touch. Which happens quite often to premier league centre forwards. Also at his previous club, Rennes, his goal scoring record wasn’t impressive, in two years he scored 14 goals. Sunderland are taking a big risk here.

Sunderland may have £18 million to spend on a striker but more often than not, even £18 million isn’t enough to find a consistent goal scorer who will score at a similar rate to Bent. It will be interesting to see how the Sunderland story folds out, but it’s clearly their loss. Money especially in the premier league doesn’t always help you find a consistent goal scorer.

The fans, the media and former players have criticised Bent for going for the money. That’s fair enough; everyone has a right to their own opinion. But Sunderland are exactly the same. They have sold him because of the money. Im sure if they really wanted to keep Bent they could have. Sunderland could have turned around and said, we will discuss your future in the summer. Or even say, we spent good money on you, we expect more in terms of years of service before we consider selling you after all you have been at the club for only two years. Sunderland probably saw how much Villa was willing to give and thought kerching. While Bent gets all the stick for going for the money, Sunderland did the exact same thing, but they look like the victims in this ‘terrible’ tragedy.

In the long run, this is a brilliant deal for Aston Villa. If Villa can maintain their creative talents their supply along with Bent’s finishing can make Villa a lethal team. But Sunderland, have been left with a massive void. Good luck filling that void.

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