Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Edin Dzeko – How will he fit into Manchester City’s Catalogue of players?

Edin Dzeko. Arguably Europe’s hottest striker on the market. Manchester City have brought themselves a fantastic player, there is no doubt about that. A player who has so much to offer the Manchester City team. He could be a signing which could potentially sway the title in City’s direction.

Dzeko’s goal record is something to be feared. In his previous two full seasons he has scored a total of 48 goals in 66 games. A tidy record for a player who was signed for Wolfsburg for 4 million euros. Dzeko possess great physical attributes. He is 6ft 3 tall, and this greatly assists Dzeko’s great aerial ability. Something which Manchester City’s forward line have been missing. As Carlos Tevez isn’t the tallest striker around. Dzeko’s aerial ability will be ideal for city, as it allows the club to be more expansive on the wings, and utilise the great distribution of the likes of David Silva and James Milner. The Premier league is renowned for having defenders who are dominant in the air. Dzeko is a player who can question the abilities of these defenders aerial poweress. As Dzeko is strong in the air through his strong jump and great heading technique. The aerial ability of Dzeko will allow Tevez to have a little more space to roam at times, as Dzeko’s physical presence will naturally attract attention towards himself. Thus allowing Tevez to be able to roam effectively in the final third.

Dzeko’s abilities don’t just stop in the air. Dzeko possess great pace for a tall player. If given space to run into Dzeko will carry a great threat to the opposition. This pace is important in regards to Manchester City’s style of play. Roberto Mancini likes to rotate his attacking players to rotate positions during the game. Dzeko’s pace makes him fully competent in keeping the ball or running with the ball on the flanks.

Dzeko’s clinical finishing has been the biggest highlight of his game. The player can shoot well with either feet, which at any level of football is a great skill to have. However, the most surprising strength Dzeko possesses is that he has very agile quick feet. He is a player with the ability to do step overs and tricks whilst running at the opposition with the ball. Players who normally flop at premier league standard are often criticised for not being able to handle the pace and tempo of the English game. The fact Dzeko already possesses quick agile feet will give him a far greater chance than a forgein target man, who isn’t as agile.

A criticism of Manchester City is that for all the millions they have spent on attackive players, no one has taken the burden of Carlos Tevez. Tevez on the pitch, when he isn’t complaining about leaving, he is captain fantastic. He consistently scores so many goals for City, this season Tevez has already scored 12 league goals, two behind the top goal soccer. Furthermore, Tevez has assisted 5 of City’s goals himself. Dzeko will help Tevez score more goals. As Dzeko can hold the ball up fantastically through his strong physicality’s, and he can also the flick the ball on. The Bosnian striker also has an eye for a good pass, so don’t be surprised if he threads in a few great balls.

Tevez will also support Dzeko goal mission. Tevez as we all know is an industrious centre forward who has a brilliant technique, and has a brilliant eye for the final ball. Tevez, who I now expect because Dzeko has arrived, will play off the Bosnian. And at times play in a more attacking midfield role, as his work rate will naturally allow him to join in with the midfield if Manchester City is being pressed. Tevez’s creative abilities will allow him to press on and become the catalyst of Man City’s attacking play. Some believe that Dzeko will restrict the amount of goals scored by Tevez, as the Bosnian will be the target man. However, the brilliant aspect of Dzeko’s style, is that he has the ability and technique to link with other players. Which Tevez a natural goal scorer will be receptive to. I expect Tevez will roam around Dzeko in the opposition’s box almost playing in a striker’s poachers role when City are pressing.

Below is how I expect city will line up.

The arrows are just showing which direction the players will make be moving offensively. I expect Manchester City especially at home to score a lot of goals now. Dzeko will add strength, clinical finishing and an aerial threat to the forward line. While the likes of Tevez, Balotelli, Silva, Milner, and Johnson will work off his flick on’s and passes. Dzeko will simply make Manchester City more expansive. His ability and physical features will add another dimension to the Manchester City strike force. In Germany he has proved he is near enough to a complete centre forward. Dzeko’s abilities also make him versatile and able to play across city’s attacking line.

One issue which sould worry Manchester City fans about Edin Dzeko is that he has a strong personality. Now that isn’t a flaw, Dezko is an incredibly driven player who wants to succeed. It’s a problem because there are a lot of strong personalities in the Manchester City camp. And Manchester City is constantly in the press for bust ups.

Besides that, this is a signing which should worry Manchester City's rivals. The city revolution has taken another significant step.


  1. oh ibby, its really good, but with a very defensive minded ppl like mancini, i hardly expect him to have those holding mids to hige up.. he is a very cautious minded person, i think the introduction of dzeko wil mean the end of toure moving forward to attack, i am not saying he won't, but he will do ALOT less... but what about the lack of general squad discipline in to the squad, would the introduction of dzeko?

    :P sry this is just my personal opinion, but i really like the idea of that tactic introduction :) i guess keep up the good work!

  2. How have you not included Vincent Kompany? This is a good article but to leave out our best player this season is madness!

  3. fair point, i had given serious thoughts to Vincent Kompany. He has played a substantial amount of games for city, but he plays everywhere! Do you consider him a centre back or a defensive mid?


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