Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Why the appointment of King Kenny Dalglish is the right move by Liverpool

The appointment of Kenny Dalglish is probably the appointment most Liverpool fans would have wanted to see in the summer of 2010. This was fuelled by the fact Dalglish made it clear that he was seriously interested in taking the reigns left by Rafa Benitez. However, the board opted to pick the LMA manager of the year, Roy Hodgson. And in hindsight this saw the club take to another level of decline. Within 6 months, Hodgson was kindly shown the door.

To most fans Dalglish is the perfect appointment. He is a man who cares so dearly about the club. He is a man who has won virtually every trophy with the club. And a man who has and knows how to inspire both players and fans. Fenway Sports Group have made an incredibly logical decision in their appointment. The continuous chanting of ‘dalgish’ a chant which foreshadowed the beginning of the end of Roy Hodgsons stint as the Liverpool manager. However, the chant clearly showed John Henry and Thomas Werner what the Liverpool fans wanted. And that was King Kenny Dalglish. This was the right move by the owners. As the owners in various interviews have spoken of the importance to listen to the Liverpool fans. The appointment clearly shows to the Liverpool fans they are listening to the demands of the fans. Even though the owners reportedly feel Dalglish has been away from the game for too long. Kenny Dalglish symbolises to the Liverpool fans that they have their club back. After all the turmoil with the two fools of Hicks and Gillett and the failure of Hodgson’s tenure, the fans feel that the individual at the helm cares and will do anything to see the club being successful.

One word which sums up the last two years of Liverpool Football Club is ‘insecure.’ The tensional battles off the field regarding the debt leveraged against the club and the brittle displays shown by the team have seriously hurt the Liverpool fans. The fans felt they were losing grip on their club, as the club was becoming a shadow of its former self. However, the appointment of Kenny Dalglish makes the fans feel a sense of security. As they know that the club is in the right hands. Dalglish offers the Liverpool fans a certain expectation. The fans know Dalglish is deeply embedded in everything that was right during Liverpool’s glory days in the 70’s and 80’s. Dalgish is fully aware of the dna which makes Liverpool successful. He understands the club and the fans understand him. This will motivate fans, and get them behind the team.

The Fenway Sports Group (FSG) has gained a lot of credibility by their decision to appoint Dalglish. Ive discussed the idea of the owners listening to the fans demands, but the group have taken an intelligent gamble. If Dalglish actually improves the fortunes of the club it could pave the way for Dalglish to have a period as Liverpool boss. After all, Damien Comolli confirmed he is a candidate for the permant role. And it seems apparent the club are unwilling to spend this January. If Dalglish can get this underachieving squad to fulfil its potential, he surely has to be a strong contender for the job- for the long term. Which im sure the fans would be more than happy to back. However, if Dalglish is unable to progress the team the owners can look to appoint someone who they feel is suitable for the permanent role. The fans would be far more supportive than they were of Roy Hodgson’s tenure. As they know that their first choice was given the chance at the helm.

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