Monday, 24 January 2011

Why Manchester United’s form deserves Respect and Admiration due to the Premier League’s Inconsistent Climate

The last time Manchester United lost in the league was the 3rd of April against Chelsea at Old Trafford. 6 months later, Manchester United haven’t lost since Chelsea’s victory at Old Trafford. Any football fan will argue that is a fantastic response by Man United. The team have picked themselves up and now find themselves two points clear, with two games in hand. It’s fair to say United are in pole position for this season’s title race. However, even though this season has been so inconsistent, as teams are picking up results and even losing results at places where they shouldn’t be expected to. Man United have managed to maintain their consistency. Man United to deserve some respect and admiration for this fantastic run. In football the hardest thing to achieve is consistency. And United have been achieving that this season. While their title rivals have fallen to the inconsistent climate of the Premier League.

United haven’t been brilliant away from home this season. The team have only won twice in ten games. However, the fact that there actually picking up points even if its one point it means they are progressing. But in any success, especially in football, luck always plays a key role. United have been fortunate, as the likes of Chelsea have been poor away from home, winning only 3 times, while losing 5 times on the road. Whereas Arsenal have lost only twice on the road, but their inconsistent home form has seen them lose 3 games at the Emirates. This has staggered their title chances. This good fortune for Man United has meant every week they are picking points up, whereas, their opponents are having a week where they will pick up no points.

However, United have shown their quality at home. This season has seen the top teams who are normally so difficult to beat at their own grounds have dropped points at home. I’ve spoken about Arsenal, but even the new title challengers Man City have lost twice at home and drawn three times at home. This demonstrates the inconsistency of the Premier League this season. But Man United’s home form has been brilliant. The team have won 11 out of their 12 home games, seeing them score an impressive 37 goals and only conceding 7. A fantastic record. Manchester United’s consistency at home has given them the foundations to build a strong position in the league this season.

The fantastic home record has been due to the team playing well at home. However, it’s fair to argue that at the start of the season United were picking up wins at home, but were hardly convincing. But as the season has progressed United have looked far more convincing at home. This is due to Man United’s efficient use of the ball. The efficiency has stemmed from the strong understanding between players and knowing their roles on the pitch. United at the start of the season looked shaky in defence, but now the understanding between Ferdinand and Vidic has provided a strong platform for United to be comfortable in defence and build their attacks from that.

Furthermore, the understanding between the midfield and attack has been very successful for Man United. As United going forward look far more threatening, as the players know their positions and the runs of their team mates. This has made Manchester United for more dangerous as the team’s understanding has made them far more progressive going forward. This allows United to press and test the oppositions defence. The understanding and efficiency on the ball by the Man United players have also lead to Berbatov having a goal rout this season. As his team mates have shown a greater understanding to where Berbatov wants the ball and how Berbatov wants the ball played. But Berbatov has also changed this season. He has a shown a far greater threat by his runs and getting in-between the defence and exposing the gaps in the oppositions defence.

The worrying aspect for the Premier League is that Manchester United can easily run away with the title this season. Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United sides always perform far better in the second half of the season. It’s already evident in Man United’s display against Birmingham. As United can efficiently pass the ball at pace and have shown fluidity in their attacks. In previous seasons, United in the second half of the season show greater use of the ball, and become far more enforcing to the opposition. But United’s away form must begin to turn the draws into wins. As they still have to play tough games away such as Cheslea, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Sunderland. Team’s who will most defiantly fancy their chances against Manchester United. These tough away games will test the credentials of Manchester United’s play, character and ambition.

But Manchester United deserves a degree of admiration to how they have applied themselves this season. The team have shown consistency even though this season the premier league screams out the word ‘inconsistency.’ But United will not end the season unbeaten. They still have tough fixtures and teams who will also be far stronger in the second half of the season. Furthermore United’s are lacking a cutting edge away from home, and are unable to bring the same fluidity from Old Trafford to away grounds.

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