Friday, 27 May 2011

ReviewFootball – Some great articles which will get you into the Champions League mood

The Champions League final looms ahead, all eyes are on Man United and Barcelona. Here are some of the best articles we have found on the net regarding the big match tomorrow.

How do Manchester United beat Barcelona by Jamie Lindsay

This a really interesting and in-depth piece on how Man United could rule over Barcelona. This piece is structured well and successfully highlights the strengths and weaknesses of Barcelona.

Here is the piece -

Sergio Busquets – the unsung hero of Barcelona’s supreme dominance - by ManUtd24

A great piece about a fantastic player. This piece shows the positives and crucial attributes of Busquets. Along with the use of diagrams the article uses statistical evidence to emphasise the brilliance of Busquets. To top this piece off, the writer also finds fantastic quotes to further compliment the player.

Read the piece here -

The Manchester United XI for the Champions League final? – by Justin Mottershead

This is a really smart piece, it’s very funny too. The post is written from the Man United player’s perspectives. The writer comments on what each Man United player would say to Sir Alex Ferguson in order to justify why they should be picked for the final. It’s a brilliant and unique piece.

Take a look here -

Lessons from the 2009 final – by Michael Cox

Zonal Marking dissects the 2009 Champions League final. He highlights where Man United went wrong and where Barcelona was successful. The piece is structured well and is clear to understand. This piece effectively evaluates that night in Rome and it’s a must read for all.

Here it is -

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