Sunday, 1 May 2011

Why the Royal Family has many similarities to Footballers

All this attention on the Royal Family and their wedding has got me thinking.

It has made me recognise the subtle link between the Royal Family and football.

The royal family is like an expensive footballer, who plays for a debt ridden club. Perhaps, this debt ridden club symbolises the UK government.

To most football fans, there is nothing more frustrating than a footballer, who is on high wages and he doesn't contribute. And to top it all off, he is injury prone.

The royal family are a bit like this. Think about it. The government provide the royals with huge amounts of cash every year (£40 million, if you're curious) and is their contribution to British society enough? Or are they like a high earning footballer who doesn’t do much on the pitch?

The debt ridden British Economy has left the government in a pickle about what to do with the royals. It’s like a board of directors at a football club. The board have two options. They could sell their multi million pound injury prone asset. In the government’s case, the multi million pound strain is the royals. Or the football club could sell off some of the other players – who perhaps contribute far more than the expensive flop. From the perspective of the government, this could represent the public sector worker such as a police officer.

It’s inevitable who the football club and the government choose to keep. Both institutions keep their costly assets and sell off their more productive assets in order to balance the books.

The Royal Wedding almost illuminates the reality of the swinging cuts taking place in Britain today.

Heritage and history is a critical aspect to any country. We simply cannot just remove our monarch. But does the royal family come to a painful cost for the tax payer? Where is the line, between something being beyond our economic means?

The Royals are a crucial to Britain's tradition, history and culture. But like football, it has to be modernised and conform to society's expectations and demands.

Now, it may come across that I hate the royals or something. I don’t. I appreciate their presence. To an extent.

But most importantly, I wish the royal couple a successful marriage and hope the wedding was a massive success for them.

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