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Why Arsene is for Arsenal

Another season passes by and Arsenal have yet again failed to win a trophy. Perhaps this season marked their golden opportunity.

For some Arsenal fans, the league cup final defeat was the beginning of the end for Arsene Wenger. Some fans have lost their patience and faith towards Wenger.

But the Arsenal fans who are adamant that Wenger ought to be shown the door, should be very wary.

When talking about Arsene Wenger, it’s easy to talk about the past. Due to the glory days, such as the team of invincibles and what have you. But if I talk about that, this post will go on forever. But you don’t need to be an expert in football to know Wenger has been crucial to Arsenal’s success.

For me, Arsene Wenger is a managerial genius. But he is by no means a perfect manager. There clearly are flaws in his managerial style and approach. But he possesses many invaluable attributes.

A problem with Arsene Wenger’s managerial approach is that he is extremely hesitant in spending big. Perhaps, when he has spent big, it has not been incredibly successful for him. Jose Antonio Reyes is a prime example.

However, 5 years later, Wenger spent £10 million on Thomas Vermaelen. During his first season at Arsenal he was outstanding. He provided the team asrrueance at the back. While going forward he quickly developed a reputation of being a goal scoring centre back.

However, the irony is that Arsene Wenger has a fantastic skill in buying well.

The signing of Thomas Vermaelen epitomises this fantastic skill. Prior to the defenders move to Arsenal. He was relatively unknown to most football fans in England. Whilst those who were aware of Thomas Vermaelen, they were surprised Wenger signed the player. This is because the player was predominantly a left back during his Ajax days. But fast forward to 2011. The player is now viewed as one Europe’s best centre backs.

There aren’t many mangers in Europe, let alone the world who can consistently make good buys like Arsene Wenger. A crucial asset which Wenger provides to Arsenal is the ability to buy players for a relatively low price, before then selling the player for a much higher price. In a world, where the economics of football are becoming ever more present. It’s crucial that the team can consistently make profits. Which Wenger has made possible for Arsenal.

Even though Arsenal have been trophy barren for the past 6 years. One thing the Arsenal fans cling onto, is the team’s style of play. One may argue, Arsenal are the best passing team in the Premier League. The Gunners fans enjoy the admiration from others when their team is praised for passing their opponents to death. In recent times, this has been one of the few pleasures which the Arsenal fans get in supporting their team. There are no guarantees that Arsene Wenger’s potential successor will want to carry on playing in Wenger’s style and approach.

Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal for 15 years. Those who demand that Wenger should leave they must seriously consider this fact.

Wenger has brought and mentored every single Arsenal player in the first team. This in its self has consequences for Wenger’s successor. The players clearly see Wenger as a father figure, An individual whom the players have faith and trust in. So will the players have the same respect and faith in Wenger’s successor?

Perhaps one would expect a number of Arsenal players to be sold. Some Arsenal players may feel they do not want to be part of the new Arsenal project under the new manager. There would also be numerous backroom changes too. This would put the club in a position of transition. But like most transition periods in football, they take time and patience.

And this would further prolong Arsenal’s trophy drought.

But if the club stick with Arsene Wenger, he already has the support and confidence of the players.Wenger’s infrastructure has proved year after year to be productive in keeping the squad competitive in the Premier League and Europe.

Although Arsenal’s season should be regarded as a failure. Arsene Wenger continues to provide consistency at Arsenal. The team have consecutively made the top four in the past 14 seasons. It’s this consistency that has transformed Arsenal into a great team. If you look at the competitive nature of the Premier League, this is a fantastic achievement. Consistency is yet another invaluable skill Arsene Wenger possesses.

Wenger is a great manager. But there is no doubt. He needs to change.

I ask one question to the Arsenal fans who feel Arsene Wenger should leave.

Who would replace him? Would this have better or worse consequences for Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger is Arsenal’s most successful manager. If there is ANY man who can lead this team to glory.

It’s him.

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