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How Rafa Benitez is intelligently using the media to increase his chances of getting a job

‘Congratulations to Chelsea, I think the best team won and the best manager.’
These were the last words said by Rafa Benitez in his final press conference for Liverpool. Some may read Rafa Benitez’s final words as a final subtle attack on Sir Alex Ferguson.

But one thing is clear. Rafa Benitez is a very intelligent man. His intelligence comes across in his perceptions and comments. Benitez has the ability to in- directly attack or scrutinise his opponents. Take his final words as Liverpool boss. It’s a prime example of Benitez subtly using the media to attack his opposition.

A problem with Rafa Benitez, is that he is not well received by other football fans, especially in England. He is often labelled as a ‘fat Spanish waiter,’ or something of this nature. This was not really an issue when he was the Liverpool boss, as the Liverpool fans absolutely adored Rafa Benitez.

But times have changed, of course the Liverpool fans still love Benitez. But Rafa Benitez now finds himself out of a job.

Rafa Benitez has emphasised his desire to manage again in the Premier League. Benitez states, 'the priority is the Premier League, because the style is better for me.'

However, Benitez is knowledgeable enough to know that people’s perceptions of him need to change. Benitez knows that if he is to be given an opportunity to manage again in the Premier League, he needs the supporter’s faith and respect. One would argue, this is what kept him at Liverpool for so long. The Liverpool fans strong faith and trust in Benitez made him almost untouchable during certain periods.

Its apparent Rafa Benitez has looked to overcome this problem. He has tried to beat this problem by appearing on TV far more often than ever before.

Benitez has appeared on many football related shows. Sometimes he giving an interview – on his thoughts of his Liverpool and Inter Milan experience. While at other times he is given the role as a pundit analysing games. In the past 6 months Benitez has appeared in the BBC's Football Focus and Sky Sports news coverage for the Champions League and La Liga.

The Spanish tactician knows that if he can get his personality, knowledge and charisma effectively portrayed on Television. It will make him far more favoured to football fans and potential bosses. The increasing positive publicity will make Benitez far more appealing and respected.

Rafa Benitez has always been given a negative perception by national journalists and football writers. This was often the case throughout his time in England. Many complained about Benitez’ transfer policy, his strategies and one mustn’t forget, his zonal marking system.

The harsh criticisms often led to Benitez being represented as calamitous manger to the British public. Even though the facts prove different. In Benitez’s last press conference for Liverpool, it’s clear that he feels certain journalists and writers have over inflated and misrepresented his ideas.

However, Rafa Benitez with his charisma and knowledge often caught the press out. The video below demonstrates how Benitez embarrassed some sections of the press.

Benitez has approached the problem in the correct way. He knows that if he can appeal to football fans in England through television it will give a better representation of him. Furthemore, occasionally coming onto a media form such as the Television, it makes football fans and potential bosses aware that Benitez is available.

In the past, Benitez was often represented through newspapers and pundits. This mostly portrayed him in a negative light. However, Benitez being on football programs giving his thoughts directly, without journalists intervening. It gives the Spaniard a better representation and a more personal depiction.

However, as much as it’s debatable. Rafa Benitez is a great football strategist. He clearly is a man who reads the game well and has an in-depth knowledge.

Most Premier League clubs would be lucky to have Benitez as their manager. Perhaps, this view isn’t shared by many football fans.

But Benitez is passionate enough about the game to know that the perceptions associated with him need to change.

Once these perceptions have changed.

People will view him as an incredibly intelligent football manager.

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