Monday, 2 May 2011

Champions League semi - final second leg predictions

This week marks the last of this year’s Champions League semi final ties. Perhaps, there isn’t much excitement for Real Madrid or Schalke. But there are always predictions challenges to make things interesting!

This week our guest predictor is the football writer, Musa Okwonga. Our other predictor is The Football Front’s Champions League predictor, Dominic Vieira.


Ibby Akkas prediction

Dominic Vieira prediction

Musa Okwonga prediction

Actual score

Barcelona v R. Madrid





Man United v Schalke





Total Scores

Correct Results - 1

Perfect Result - 0

Correct Results - 1

Perfect Result - 0

Correct Results - 1

Perfect Result - 0

The Results

Musa Okwonga - 1 point

Dominic Vieira - 1 point

Ibby Akkas - 1 point

Follow both Musa and Dominic on Twitter;

Musa Okwonga - @Okwonga

Dominic Vieira - @DominicVieira

Check out Musa’s blog ; -

Dominic Vieira is a senior writer for A Football Report, their website is worth a look too; -

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