Monday, 27 August 2012

Football Tweets of the week 27/08

We haven't done this in a while, but here are our 10 funniest football tweets of this week! (In no order too!)

1.) Joins Man United. Stops loving kids and wife.-  @

2.)   This is brilliant: -

 3.) According to , Man United have bought Arsenal for £24m...
4.) Oh Steven, I love you man -

 5.) Ever wondered what Gary Neville gets up to with his big pen during the game? - @

 6.)  What!? -

  7.) Players who can make a goal from nothing...: @FootballFunnys

  8.) 98 - Barca's away kit looking suspiciously like some of the kits you would design for your FIFA98 custom team. Monstrosity- @OptaParody

9.) This is brilliant! - @Gerrard8FanPage

10.) How does this even happen? Someone needs to have a word with the #mufc kitman. - @

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