Saturday, 4 August 2012

Football Tweets of the week 04/08

The Football Front's 10 funniest football tweets! (In no order too!)

1.) Edinson Cavani is picking fights with Craig Bellamy and Micah Richards. He must have absolutely nothing to live for. - @CheGiavara

2.) Didier Drogba moves to China, the following month China wins the Olympic diving event... Coincidence?! -

3.) Charlie Adam's new movie: - @talkSport

 4.) A Swiss footballer has been thrown out of the Olympics for racism. Liverpool have offered him a 4 year contract.- @FootballFunnys

5.) Alex Ferguson has said that Man United still want to bring in one or two more new faces. Wayne Rooney has asked if he can have one. - @MarioBalotelli

6.) Controllers [troll football] - @FootyMemes

7.) BREAKING NEWS: David Luiz declared injured for tomorrows game after having 100's of twiiter followers noses up his backside - @hurricanhigginz

8.) BREAKING: After letting Stuart Downing score, the FC Gomel defenders have announced their retirement from football. - @Liverfool_FC

9.)  Do woman's footballer's swap shirts at the end of the game,or am i sat here just wasting my time? - @GGJ_Gareth

10.) BREAKING: Stewart Downing scores for Liverpool, an unbelievable achievement from a guy who was told by doctors that he'd never score again. - @BBCSporf

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