Sunday, 26 June 2011

Why Norwich city will face the most danger next season

There is a saying that growing up too quickly, can be one’s downfall. The same notion is often carried forward in business. If a business grows too quickly, it can often lead to the business having extreme growing pains, leading to the company collapsing.

Perhaps, this idea of growing is also true in football.

No one can deny that Norwich City have had a fantastic season. The feat of back to back promotions is a sensational achievement. Only last season the team were in League 1, and not to mention that next season, the club will find themselves in the promised land of the Premier League.

However, the club is in real danger next season.

There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the Premier League is a very different beast to the Championship. This is probably stating the obvious. But the Premier League has far more quality players and the pace of the league is electrifying. But of course, all the teams promoted will struggle next season. This is almost inevitable.

Although Norwich have proved they are a decent side, the Premier League could be a step too far for the club at this time. This is due to a variety of reasons. Building a team that can sustain its Premier League status takes years. You need players who are of Premier League quality; along with this you need players who have Premier League experience. This is vital, as it enables a mixture between quality and experience. Norwich at this period do not have this balance. However, there are some very decent players at Norwich, such as Grant Holt who is a great asset to the club.

Furthermore, Norwich’s incredible growth rate could effect the club’s development strategy. After all, even the most positive Norwich city fans would hardly believe the team would gain a back-to-back promotion. The club’s new Premier League status could have changed the priorities and abrupted certain strategies of the club. It could potentially make the club spend money which in fact they may not have. Thus having a severe long term effect on the club.

Alternatively, the club could buy players on impulse thus failing to scout the players sufficiently. This is a possible scenario, as the club may feel they need to buy players quickly to facilitate their Premier League mission. This in itself could deflate their chances in the Premier League, as they may buy players who are not suitable for the club.

The club’s mentality will have to change very quickly too. The team’s expectations and performances will have to rise dramatically. Certain players may not be prepared or able to rise to the demands.

However, what’s positive is that Norwich are willing to spend. It is crucial they buy players who will help them stay in the Premier League. But at the same time, the club needs to spend within their means. The club cannot afford to disrupt their long term future.

In the past few years, the teams who have unexpectedly been promoted, they are often the same teams who find themselves being prone to be relegated quickly. The likes of Blackpool and Derby come to mind.

The positive aspect for Norwich city is that the team are working incredibly hard to maintain their key assets. Not only this, the club are also looking to invest in the team.

But, the Canaries incredible, yet quick growth could be a stuttering factor for the football club in the Premier League.

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