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Why Liverpool must use the abilities of Daniel Pacheco

So Daniel Pacheco's debut was a dream. He set up two goals and was a constant threat. The Spaniard’s clinical, quick witted forward passing provided excitement for both the Norwich and Liverpool fans.

Most Liverpool fans will have nothing but high opinions for Dani Pacheco. The 20 year old had a fantastic under 19 European competition, finishing as the top goal scorer. It seemed that this season would be his break through season. It was supposed to be the season in which he slowly begins to clock up the appearances for Liverpool.

But it seems the first team staff beg to differ.
It's fair to say, if Liverpool do not want him, there would be a long list of clubs who would be seriously interested. The kid has the creative vision to unlock games and has the ability to find space in tight situations. In any league, having this skill is a fantastic asset. It's a unique and rare skill in the modern game.

Not only does Pacheco have the creative abilities, he has the technique ability to execute the ideas in his head. The Premier League is an extremely tight league. In the sense that teams defend very well and try and restrict the amount of space the opposition have to operate. However, Pacheco is a player who can expose that space. His passing range is something of the Barcelona mould. And this quite rightly excites the Liverpool fans.

If you ask many Liverpool fans, who would you rather bring on? Joe Cole or Dani Pacheco, most would go with the little Spaniard. It’s not surprising; Pacheco is more unpredictable and arguably, more enthusiastic. Furthermore, the Kop has already gained a bond with Pacheco. In the eyes of the Kop he is the kid who could become the future of Liverpool. Most of Liverpool supporters are now part time Norwich fans and are watching Norwich with an eagle eye, monitoring the progress of their future prodigy Dani Pacheco.

But of course, there are still aspects of his game which he needs to work on. Pacheco is by no means a finished product.

Dani Pacheco isn’t the tallest player, being 5 ft 6 he needs to be a little stronger in order to cope with the physical demands of the Premier League. But, going to the Championship is a brilliant way for the Spaniard to gain and develop some strength.

Although Pacheco is fantastic off the ball in offensive positions, he still needs to work on his off the ball game defensively. It seems he lacks a bit of defensive awareness. And can sometimes be found out of position defensively. But as he continues to play first team football, this will only heighten and improve his defensive awareness.

Although the Norwich move is only for a mere three months, it will improve his chances of breaking into the Liverpool fold. Moving to Norwich is great move for Dani Pacheco. As they are a team chasing an automatic promotion spot and are looking like a strong favourite for promotion. This means he will play for a team where he will see more of the ball and his team will more imposing. This will enhance is confidence and self belief, which is crucial for a flair player like Pacheco.

But it seems a season long loan to a championship or a Premier League side would be extremely beneficial for both Liverpool and the Spaniard next season. As Pacheco's abilities would not go unrecognised. His technical prowess would be valued at a number of clubs. And Pacheco consistently playing first team football will provide invaluable experience for the Spaniard.

One positive regarding Pacheco's future is that he signed a new contract in December. This is crucial. It shows two things. It firstly shows, Liverpool appreciate his abilities and it also shows the player wants to play for the club.

Pacheco is a player who has bags of potential. Even in such a competitive Spanish national team, I wouldn’t be surprised if later in his career he ends up being a regular for the national team. His ability to link the attack with the midfield enables his teams to be more coherent and more imposing. While his fantastic Barcelona esque passing range makes him a sharp and deadly player.

If Liverpool lose this kid, it’s seriously going to be Liverpool's loss.

And it wouldn’t surprise many if Dani Pacheco's name is lauded in the future.

Below is a brilliant montage of Daniel’s Pacheco’s debut for Norwich.

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