Thursday, 2 June 2011

Football Tweets of the week 02/06

We're back with some funny football tweets!!

  1. Some say that Sepp Blatter's behaviour has crossed a line. But thanks to his refusal to allow the relevant technology, we may never know. - @NickMotown – A Fantastic tweet, simple as. This was tweeted after Sepp Blatter’s latest antics this week.
  2. @RobbieSavage8 just recovering after your expert analysis on MOTD destroyed my confidence.............if only you'd give me some tips? - @Joey7Barton – A fantastic tweet by Newcastle’s Joey Barton. This stems from Joey Barton arguing he was the best English midfielder in the Premier League (clearly not) and Savage, on Match of the day criticised Barton and explained why he isn’t the best.
  3. @Imogen_Thomas it's alright love. He managed to remain anonymous all evening! - @BrianDurand56 – Sensational tweet! @BrianDurand56 tweeted this after Man United’s demolished Barcelona in the Champions League final.
  4. Ryan Giggs what a career. Has been in 7 FA Cup finals, 5 league finals, 3 champions league finals and 1 Big Brother quarter finalist - @DavePaylor – A cheeky little tweet!
  5. #thingsRedknappwilldoinhisfirstweekatChelsea compare Torres to his Sandra - @the1steleven – Absolutely hilarious tweet, it originates from Darren Bent missing a glorious opportunity and Harry Redknapp stating his missus would have finished it.
  6. I've just downloaded the new FIFA to my laptop but it won't work. It keeps saying that it's corrupt. - @MrSeppBlatter (Not the real Sepp Blatter!) – This tweet was kind of inevitable right!?
  7. ITV2 confirm their new series based on the trials & tribulations of the FIFA Executive committee will be called The Only Way Is Ethics. - @MattCrivelli – Great tweet regarding the news that Fifa are to hold an investigation about the bribery scandal.
  8. You lazy git RT ‘@themichaelowen Prefer playing less often in a top team than every game in a poor team.’ - @piersmorgan – This is funny, because we all agree with him!
  9. Actually, the easiest way to stop Messi is to make him believe he's playing for Argentina. - @ILoveReal – This was tweeted prior to the Champions League final, but it probably does work!
  10. Redknapp is the only man on the planet that could bankrupt Abramovich. -@yorkshiregunner – This was tweeted after Harry Redknapp reportedly emerged as a candidate for the Chelsea job.

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