Friday, 29 April 2011

18 month old toddler signs for Dutch club VVV – Its official- Football has gone mad

The Dutch club VVV have signed an 18 month year old child. Yes, an 18 month old child.

It’s official. Football has gone mad.

Fair enough, the little toddler is impressive. The video, which you can find of him below, is quite inspiring. But the parents and the club are stupid.

The club symbolises just how far some teams will go to uncover or possess the next big thing. But have the club done the right thing in signing an 18 month old child?

The answer is no. Firstly, HE IS A BABY. Come on. The toddler is talented. But there is more to football than kicking a ball accurately. Perhaps VVV feel they can develop and embed the player in the right environment so they can maximise the kid’s potential.

But both the club and parents are either really dim-witted or their just looking for attention. Perhaps it’s both.

However, signing the kid on a 10 year contract is insane. Let’s put this into perspective. They have made an 18 month old baby commit to 10 years of his life to football.

Surely this will have an effect on the child? Forcing him to play football? And the pressure and expectation to perform.

Perhaps the decision to quickly sign the toddler will have an effect on the child’s future appetite and interest in the game. As he is being forced to study and learn the game from such a young age. He may later on even resent this decision.

But both parents and the club need to seriously consider the child’s present well being and his future well being before pulling off sensational moves.

As much as this story is stupid and probably is an attention seeking news story.

I hope the child makes it.

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