Friday, 1 April 2011

Ian Holloway's thoughts on England's youth team setups and goal line technology

Here is Ian Holloway's weekly press conference. This week he is asked about his thoughts on the Premier League, who are looking to manage players behaviours in a better way from next season. He then gives a pretty decent argument for why technology can improve the game.

For me, Ian Holloway talks a lot of sense. He sees the game and views the game without all the murky politics. The hierarchy of the game seriously need to remember that football is a sport, a sport which should be enjoyed. How can it be enjoyed if teams are getting hard done by poor decisions?

His press conference is rather refreshing, its a shame we don't look up to the leaders of Fifa or Uefa and think, 'oh, these guys are great ambassadors of the game we all love'.

Ian Holloway is a true ambassador of the game.

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