Thursday, 3 March 2011

Football Tweets of the Week 03/03

Our latest round up of Twitter's best football related tweets!

  1. ‘The only way Gaddafi's going to get away with what he's doing is if he ends up being judged by the FA.’ David Schneider – Schneider is probably right too. The tweet was made after Wayne Rooney escaped charges from the FA after he elbowed young James McCarthy.

  2. ‘Chelsea give Cole dressing down over gun incident. If there's one man who needs no encouragement to take his clothes off it's Ashley Cole. Jack Whitehall – Brilliant tweet made after revelations that Ashley Cole shot a work experience student with an air rifle.

  3. ‘Just back from an appearance at a primary school in Bolton, first question I was asked, "Are you the guy from Coronation street?”’ Stuart Holden – He maybe a great player, but it seems the kids in Bolton are still a bit unsure of who Stuart Holden actually is!

  4. ‘United need to get Howard Webb on asap.’ PeteAkopite – Cheeky little tweet made after Frank Lampard gave Chelsea the lead against United.

  5. ‘A close second for Best Actor is Roy Hodgson. At times he would almost have you convinced that he's a football manager’ Phil Thompson (Parody) – The Oscar’s were this week and the parody Phil Thompson believes Roy Hodgson should be in contention for Best Actor after his great portrayal of trying to act like a manager.

  6. ‘@rioferdy5 That damn achilles injury has kept me out for months. Who knows when i'll be back playing at the top level.’ James Corden – Another beauty from Corden. After Rio Ferdinand revealed he was to be out for a little longer, James Corden sympathised with him, explaining his injury was also keeping him out of the game..

  7. ‘What on earth has O'Neill taken Villa to court for? Is he still trying to get some transfer funds out of Lerner?' Charlie Anderson – Tweeted after it was revealed former Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neil was to take the club to court. But honestly, is he still trying to squeeze funds out of Lerner!? Must be why he is going to court..

  8. ‘If Torres had a camera in his hand he would look like all them other lost tourists walking round London’Mike Hunt – Comment made during the Chelsea Man United match. As Torres gave another woeful performance for Chelsea.

  9. ‘25,000 - Number of reasons why Wojciech Szczesny may not want to check his Twitter account in the next few days. Insults.’ - OptaJoke – OptaJoke at their very best after Szczesny’s blunder against Birmingham in the League Cup final.

  10. ‘When @NeilAshton_NOTW goes into hiding you can always leave a voice message for him on someone else's phone.’ Hoggsy – A disgruntled Chelsea fan takes the piss out of the News of the World’s Neil Ashton after he revealed that Ashley Cole had shot someone at the Chelsea training complex. Brilliant tweet though. Sad thing is he is probably right!

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  1. This is great!
    How many football related tweets are there a day?


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