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Why Fabio Capello’s should be embarrassed of his handling of the Rio Ferdinand captaincy issue.

Its been a while since ive written! University and life have made me a busy person. But I think I’m back.
So, the unfavourable John Terry has replaced Rio Ferdinand as England captain. This decision frustrates most England fans. It annoys most fans because the one question everyone’s asking is, ‘What exactly has Rio Ferdinand done wrong to be stripped of the captaincy?’

It’s a very fair question. It would have been understandable had Ferdinand acted like a fool and had an affair with Capello’s wife or something like that. But Ferdinand has acted reasonably immaculately during his time as captain. It’s a complete injustice towards Rio Ferdinand.
During his short tenure as captain of England. Ferdinand hasn’t done much wrong. He has represented himself in a very respectable way and well mannered way. Not only does he possess great leadership skills on the pitch, but Rio Ferdinand also is an individual who is versatile and tries to connect with society. Ferdinand seems like a knowledgeable person, trying to break away from the stereotypes that all footballers are numb nuts. You only have to look at his variety of assets such as his magazine (#5 Magazine) and his music label company, surely this shows that he is intelligent and possess talents outside of the game.

Some argue, Rio Ferdinand doesn’t deserve to be England captain anyway. Due to his shady past. Yes, he has been involved with some funny business in the earlier parts of his career. But lets take this into perspective. Most England players are dodgy twats. That’s the honest truth. Most of the England squad have been involved in controversies or been in trouble with the law. Take Jack Wilshere , the guy is one of England’s brightest prospects and is quickly becoming a key player for England. Wilshere, 19, has already had encounters with the police and has even been briefly arrested. Its sad to see that most England players are often in the wrong place at the wrong time, or worse. Some are committing stupid acts, like shooting kids with guns, cheating and hitting people. But Rio Ferdinand continues to be a brilliant ambassador for England and Man United. He is widely respected in the world of football and respected outside the game too.

Rio Ferdinand is deeply upset about being stripped of the captaincy. And so he should be. Ferdinand has been humiliated by Capello. When John Terry was stripped of the captaincy it was seen as humiliating for John Terry. But he deserved it. However, its even more humiliating for Ferdinand. As he hasn’t done anything wrong to be stripped of the captaincy.

After re-appointing John Terry as captain, Capello labelled Terry’s time of being stripped of the captaincy as a ‘punishment.’ This completely undermines the value of Rio Ferdinand. Capello’s actions are basically saying, he doesn’t have faith in Ferdinand’s ability as a leader. It’s a sad state of affairs. As Capello has shown little respect towards Rio Ferdinand.

Fabio Capello’s decision to run back to John Terry shows how naïve he is. It seems Capello is unaware of the potential consequences of his actions. The decision has the potential to unsettle the squad. Some players, may rue Capello’s decision to undermine Ferdinand and may deeply sympathise with Ferdinand. While others maybe stuck in the cross fire of awkwardness. Some players will be unsure of who to turn to, the ex captain or the reinstated captain. Furthermore, some players may not even look up to John Terry after his disgusting antics regarding Wayne Bridge’s former girlfriend.

You also have to remember, John Terry and Rio Ferdinand have to play alongside each other. Now, of course, Ferdinand is a true professional. And wont let it effect his game. But Capello’s naïve decision could have an impact on the relationship between the two players. Communication is crucial in football, especially in the heart of the defence. If both players fail to respect each other and maintain a healthy acquaintance, this could have a devastating effect on England’s performances.

But, yes, John Terry is a good leader, he leads by example on the pitch and has other great characteristics. But off the pitch he is a first class bastard. Fact. But for me, Terry lost his right to lead his nation. He lost that right when he was going to his mates house and was betraying his marriage and friendship. Why couldn’t Capello make John Terry a vice captain? Making him the full time captain is far too much of an extreme decision. This is because of the effects the decision has had on England. Firstly, Rio Ferdinand has been humiliated in the process. Secondly, John Terry in some respects isn’t favoured by players or fans. Thirdly, everyone thinks Terry deserved to lose his leadership of England after his horrible antics. Surely Fabio Capello should have considered this? Capello hasn’t received any good press or been praised for many decisions since the World Cup. Rash decisions like reinstating Terry will only add to a negative perception which is being built up around Capello.

Now, I don’t want to go down the route which most football commentators have gone down, saying, ‘oh Capello doesn’t understand because the issue of captaincy isn’t an issue in Italy.’ I think it’s a bit harsh on those who love, play and follow Italian football. For me, whatever, team you play for, being a captain is an honour. It’s a gesture which emphasises your leadership skills, the respect the players and staff have for you and your professionalism on and off the pitch. Arguably, Terry isn’t really respected by his team mates, some cant stand him because of his actions. But Capello hasn’t misunderstood the value of being captain because of culture in Italy. He has misunderstood the commercial and social side of being the England captain. Throughout the decades, the captain of the England national team is seen as a national treasure, a player which children aspire to be and an individual who has strong respectable values. After Terry’s saga, how many view him as a national treasure? How many companies want John Terry to be the main man in their adverts? How many children, or perhaps, how many adults want their children to aspire to John Terry? Not many. Now that he is captain, will any one turn around and fall in love with him again? Hell no.

John Terry had his chance, and he truly messed it up. But Capello is clearly disconnected from English football, as he cannot see the dislike that surrounds John Terry. How many times can you hear boo’s when John Terry touches the ball in every away game Chelsea have? This shows how much he is disliked by fans of Premier League teams. And a majority of England fans, support teams in England, who are more often than not going to boo John Terry.

Terry maybe a good leader, but the fans still play a crucial role in football. I bet most fans feel Terry doesn’t deserve to be the captain of England. Even though he has served his ‘punishment.’ But what does Capello except? John Terry has managed to stay clean and not play away from home for a whole year, so his reward is the England captaincy? Lets get real.

Over the past 8 months Capello has made some alienating decisions. He has made decisions which have confused the England squad players themselves and the fans. And in some respects, Capello’s poor decision making, is making the fans lose their patience and faith in him. Perhaps, the players are now questioning Capello’s credentials too.

For all the money Fabio Capello earns being England manager, I think he should spend a bit of that cash on communication courses. The boss seriously needs to learn how to handle intimate issues with care, he is far too ridged. And that is going to unsettle and make the players feel terribly undervalued. The fact he hadn’t spoken to Rio Ferdinand when he removed as captain his disgusting. It just emphasises his lack of common sense and respect towards an integral member of the England squad. A good coach is one who explains why you have to do something, rather than telling you to do it. Capello must get his ideas and thoughts clearly across to the players, or they these multi millionaire players will feel that Capello is looking down on them.

Rio Ferdinand deserves the respect from Fabio Capello to explain why he has been removed him as captain. The back pages of the newspapers should not inform Rio Ferdinand to why he has been removed as captain. After all, not many can deny that Ferdinand represented his country in a textbook manner

When John Terry was stripped of the captaincy in February 2010, it left a sour taste in the mouth of John Terry. And he deserved to taste it. Now over a year later, he has been reinstalled as captain.

But this time, it’s left a sour taste in the mouths of the every England fan.

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