Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Why Gennaro Gattuso would be an interesting asset for the Premier League

So Gennaro Gattuso most definitely showed his fiery character today. Everybody knows Gattuso for his tenacious challenges. And today Gattuso was angry. Really angry. One image comes to my mind. Gattuso's reaction to receiving a yellow card.

His behaviour at times was indefensible. The attacks on Spurs Joe Jordan was simply inexcusable. It was embarrassing for everyone related to Ac Milan. Even a certain Mathieu Flamini went into the Spurs changing room to apologise. Fair play to Flamini. He did a noble and professional gesture.

But I'm not going to lie. Watching Gattuso excites me. He is a crazy player, who jumps into challenges and gets the crowd going. He also has the ability to rub opposing players the wrong way. Ask Christian Poulsen and even current Ac Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimović. Both in the past have been critical of Gattuso's behaviour towards them. But at the same time, he can also motivate his team with his fearless characteristics.

One thing Gattuso is brilliant at doing is creating havoc. He is a player who can make the atmosphere and tempo more fierce. Take Spurs' visit to Milan. Gattuso's anger spiced the atmosphere around the San Siro. Thus resulting in both sides being far more aggressive and thorwing challenges in. Arguably, Ac Milan were far more aggressive througout the game in comparison to Spurs.

I'd love to see Gattuso in the Premier League. Simply because he would make it even more entertaining. His committed and tenacious attitude will frighten some players, while for others it will actually spur them to play better. Take Crouch's good preformance today. As the game went on, Crouch played better and looked far more motviated. This was due to his continous run-ins with Gattuso throughout the match.

But one things for sure. Have Gattuso in your team, and you know you will have a player who will spark controversy and havoc. Some will argue, its good we don't have anyone like that in our game. Fair point, Gattuso is a player who doesnt exactly follow the laws of the game. But for me, he made today's game far more entertaining.

I hate to say it but everybody loves a dirty player. (Just not when your playing against them.) We all secretly love to hate Robbie Savage and Roy Keane. The Premier League has been missing players like Keane and Savage. Of course Gattuso wont come to the Premier League anytime soon. But if he did, he would be a very very interesting asset for the League.

But boy, the Premier League have even more sparks flying if he was about.

Watch Gattuso's headbutt on Joe Jordan here;

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