Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Football Tweets of the Week

This feature is about the brilliant football related Tweets of the past week. Some are funny, and some are simply good points. I was looking to add this feature on Thursday, but didn't get the chance. So here it goes..
  1. 'I think Sam Allardyce is the right man to lead Egypt from this historical moment. Look at what he did with Bolton.He deserves a chance.' -
  2. 'Gattuso seems to have misunderstood Dwight Yorke’s anecdote about how great it was giving head to Jordan.' -
  3. 'For all the Chelsea fans who don't remember when they were shit ! Good news the old days are just around the corner !!' - - Gives an honest verdict about Chelsea's future after their defeat to Everton in the F.A Cup
  4. 'West Ham ahead but poorer side. Will be interesting to see how Scott Parker changes things around at half-time.' - Cheeky little comment by Dan Silver, during half time between West Ham and Burnley. In West Ham's previous game against West Brom, Scott Parker gave an influential speech at half time, which inspired their 3-3 come back.
  5. 'What do Arsenal, Spurs and Paul McCartney have in common.. They all get excited over one leg!'
  6. 'We used to have a player called Zhirkov. Not that I would like him to come on but it would be nice to know if he was still alive.' - Tweeted during the Fulham and Chelsea match. But a good point really. What does he even do these days? Is he alive and well!?
  7. 'Hold up...my mum just said one time when I was around 5yrs old she had to beat me up...what kinda parenting is that?! I might dead arm her!' - - Rio Ferdinand - The Man United and England captain discovers he was briefly victim the victim of child abuse. He reacts to the revelation, by getting revenge on his mum.
  8. '@ You were always my favourite Lucas, you'd be captain next season under me.'- The Hodge (Parody of Roy Hodgson) - I'm sure the Liverpool fans would have viewed Roy Hodgson as an absolute legend if he ever did that..
  9. Arshavin scores the winner, pull his shirt over his head. What's on his t-shirt? A pic of himself, celebrating a goal '
  10. The Hodge is bored. This team isn't a patch on the team I had, we'd be battering this crap [Sparta Prague], especially away from home.' The Hodge (Parody of Roy Hodgson) - The parody Hodgson on the dour Sparta v Liverpool game. The Real Hodgson must of watched this game and thought the exact same thing to be fair!

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