Monday, 17 September 2012

Football Tweets of the week 17/09

Here are our 10 funniest football tweets of this week! (In no order too!)

1.) If you play FIFA you can relate to this:- @Liam_Fountain

 2.) Sports Personality of the Year?? Wiggins? Hoy? Murray? I think it's safe to say Joey Barton can put that tuxedo away. - @jackwhitehall

3.) Breaking News: After watching England's performance against Ukraine tonight, Raheem Sterling has opted to play for Jamaica. - @StupidFootball

4.) I've heard FIFA 13 is so realistic that.... erm... this is awkward - @MarioBalotelli

5.) Djibril Cisse's had more hair styles than Joey Barton has had police cautions! - @playupfootball

6.) Michael Owen says he should have left Man Utd a year earlier. And there was me thinking he was good at finishing. - @FootyBull

7.) Evra's reaction to B├╝ttner's goal: - @FootyMemes
8.) I'm guessing the media officer at Livingston FC didn't actually mean to tweet this.. @Dudely1927
 9.) imaginative work from the BBC Headline writers today: - @Adamterry56789

10.) Did Dempsey opt for the #2 shirt to warm to Tottenham fans as an acknowledgement of how many league titles they've won? - @Bosscielny

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