Friday, 7 September 2012

Football Tweets of the week 07/09

Here are our 10 funniest football tweets of this week! (In no order too!)

1.) This may be the funniest picture of all time. - @timabel6

 2.) Mourinho's motivational speech to his players ahead of El Clásico. - @footymemes

3.) Juve signing Bendtner is like telling someone all summer you're going to buy a BMW or a Porsche but then wind up buying a Hyundai Genesis. - @FRANCESCalci0

4.) My definition of 'top top quality' = Falcao Arsene's definition of 'top top quality' = Chamakh. - @RedArmy49

5.) The Queens Park Rangers team bus has arrived at the Etihad Stadium... - @Football__Tweet

 6.) The awkward moment when Arsene Wenger's finger looks like his penis. - @Arsenal_RT's 

7.) Fernando Torres has promised Chelsea fans "magic" this season. I thought he did his disappearing trick last season? -@StupidFootball

8.) Genius of a sign in Sunderland- @kentonmags

9.) He scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, Olivier Giroud, he scores when he wants. [*Note: currently, he does not want] - @simonafc

10.) When Busquets plays FIFA and his player get's tackled, he drops the controller and starts rolling around the floor asking for a free-kick.. - @LeoMessiParody

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