Friday, 10 May 2013

The Football Playbook: Tactical Puzzles – A Review

So, I’m doing a little review on the iPod, iPhone and iPad compatible free app called The Football Playbook: Tactical Puzzles by Super Rock Games. 

Firstly, let’s go over the idea of the app. The whole point of the game is for the player (you) to unpick the tactical conundrum and crucially score goals. Initially, when I first played the game, it was quite challenging, but with a bit of trial and error and going over the tutorial, I got the jist of it. And the game is quite a lot of fun, especially when you solve the puzzle, you do feel like you’re a bit special. So that’s good. 

What’s brilliant about the game is there is a great number of Puzzles there for you to solve. So the game does not get repetitive and boring. Super Rock Games state the game has over 700 unique tactical puzzles, so the game has longevity and isn’t one of those games you forget that you have knocking about on your phone or tablet. For me, the most satisfying point is when you create space and exploit the opposition movement in the game. It’s a bit like when you score a sexy pass and move goal on FIFA, you think fondly of yourself thinking, ‘I created that.’

Screen Shot from the game

This game is perfect for football fans who love a tactical challenge. I would also recommend the game to more general football fans too. It’s free and that, so it’s worth a check. 

However, this is version 1.0 of the game and there is considerable amount of room for improvement. Sometimes, the game can crash a tad too easily and you can lose your progress. While, as I stated before, the game is quite hard to get into. But I am sure with the next few updates the game will be at its optimum. 

Here’s a little video from the makers about the App:

You can download the app HERE
The official website of the app:


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