Monday, 25 June 2012

Football Tweets of the week: 25/06

It's back! Ages and ages ago, you may remember we actually did have this feature running regularly a few months ago. But for one reason or another, we stopped, but it's back. Here are our best football tweets of this week! (Tweets are in no order, just randomly collected)

1.) Danny Murphy proves the idea of an intelligent footballer is a myth by signing for Blackburn. - @PickThatOneOut

2.) Papastathopoulos... Imagine having to pay for that on the back of your shirt. No wonder the Greeks are skint. - @pmblgz

3.) So Arsenal have signed Olivier Giroud? He's only 25. Why has he decided to end his career so early? - @FootballFunnys

4.) John Terry has asked if the 5th official [from the Ukraine -England game] can be a juror at his racism trial next month. Blind. - Opta_Joke

5.) Poor Van der Vaart. Once again, he finishes 4th and is sent packing from Europe! -@ShikharrC

6.) "Penalties are a lottery." Yes, if by that you mean England have a one in a million chance of winning. - @AltFootball

7.) Roy Hodgson is set for a test for drugs with UEFA. Officials became suspicious when they saw Milner was starting for England vs Italy. - @FootballFunnys 

8.) Steven must have had a sleepless night following England's defeat... - @RobCRoose
 9.) Against a tough Ukraine side, England will have to start ugly tonight... or Wayne Rooney as he's more commonly known. - @StupidFootball

10.) Where was this guy? (Tweeted after England's loss on penalties by Italy) - @AttackoftheKop

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